Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Boys In Blue - Cannon And Ball [1983]

The very hard to find single of the theme song from Cannon And Ball's only film, released in 1983 by MFP.

Time and critics have not always been kind to this film, but I have always enjoyed watching it, and the theme song is one of the best parts of it, I think!


  1. Many thanks for this! I just downloaded it and I never realised it sounded so different to the movie version - this single version is more synthy than brassy. I actually like the film (sad I know!) and previously posted it on 55 Bells. I might do a repost soon...

  2. Thanks M8ty Love The Film Daft As Me Regards Jimbo

  3. Hi Ive been after for years
    how do you download this song plzzzzzzzzzzz lol