Friday, 5 February 2010

Love Crazy [Theme From Carry On Emmannuelle] - Masterplan [1978]

Hello there, and welcome to my new blog, highlighting a selection of the best [and worst] of what you might call Novelty songs!

I kick off with this very rare theme single from the last proper Carry On film, Carry On Emmanuelle, Love Crazy, written by Kenny Lynch and performed by Masterplan [or was it just Kenny Lynch under an assumed name? My Uncle Jack swears that is definitely Kenny Lynch singing].

The song is a pastiche of 70s disco and fit the film very well [one of the few things that did, the script certainly didn't].

I hope you enjoy it, leave a comment, and if you have any similar stuff, please upload it and let me know about it!



  1. great idea for a blog, Mark. Nice tune. :)

  2. it really doesn't sound like kenny lynch's voice. I've read a few comments on youtube & imdb that says it is, but I imagine they're just presuming it's him. I suppose his voice could've been played with in the studio to give it that deeper, thicker sound...not sure why they'd go to the trouble though!

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  4. I think we may have very similar music collections! I have this and the bizarre Malcolm McLaren inspired theme for Carry On Columbus. You might also enjoy this gem that I am rather proud of: